OK, You can stop now(2016/2017/2018)

            When does a moment become a memory? When does a memory become history? In 2013, Ryerson’s Image Centre had an exhibit, Human Rights Human Wrongs, which portrayed the idea “whether images of political struggle, suffering and victims of violence work for or against humanitarian objectives”. The exhibit also allowed the viewers to take smaller copies of all the images for their own personal collection. I still remember the emotions evoked from experiencing these images. Years later, and still having those images stored away, they became the basis for an ongoing project. Ok, You can stop now, is my personal expression of how I see people experience being with and without power in a world that's forever falling apart.


            Each performer goes on their own journey in the space towards a struggle for power and peace. Much like in the world today, Ok, You can stop now, expresses how I feel we are stuck in this world with many options but ultimately unless total and complete understanding and compromise is met, there will always be a disconnect.

2016 - Theatre Passe Muraille; 

Dancer: Shakeil Rollock

2016 - Dancemakers

Dancers: Cheryl Chan, Emilio Colalilo, Emily Hobbes, Jake Ramos

2017 - Pia Bauman

Dancers: Tyler Angell, Zachary Cardwell, Cheryl Chan, Emily Hobbes

2018 - bCurrent Theatre

Dancer: Shakeil Rollock


Photos by Ken Dobb & Omer Yukseker

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