PonyBoy (2016/2017/2018)

This physical re-telling showcases these performer's paths towards self-acceptance. This work is an exploration of the realization of the many layers to one’s personal and sexual identity. Coming out can be scary, exciting, thrilling and even down-right confusing. Relationships can come and go as time passes. Then there’s sex …and figuring how that works. Through the eyes of these four artists, PonyBoy travels down memory lane bringing these millennials to question what’s next. 


Dancers: Tyler Angell, Dario Charles, Sam Davilmar, Geanderson Mello



Dancers: Tyler Angell, Dario Charles, Sam Davilmar, Gavin Law

2018 - (PHISH - a PonyBoy rendition)

Dancers: Tyler Angell, Roderic Chan, Dakota Walker


Heading 2

Photos by Zahra Saleki

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